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It's what you learn that counts!

Geographical Fieldwork Grant (RGS) 1st yr Undergrad apprentice bursary (RGS) expedition_funding_Small

>3 people, all members must be over 18years old, must be in field >30 days, must involve host country, must NOT be commercial/prepaid expedition

5 bursaries to support first year university geography students to work as apprentices on overseas fieldwork during the summer led by a lecturer at their institution. Must be a UK national/resident. Field based research overseas duration must be more than 1 month

Lead applicant must be UK National, the project can be desk or field based–

and carried out in the UK or overseas (but can't be MSc/PhD related), must be independent travel.

The Award aims to further the understanding and exploration of the planet: its cultures, peoples and environments, while promoting personal development through the intellectual or physical challenges involved in undertaking the research and/or expedition.

Deadline:  31st January


Up to £3,000

Deadline:  14th February



Further the understanding and exploration ofthe planet (RGS)


30th November



Mountaineering Grants (BMC) Mount Everest Foundation grant (MEF)

To encourage and support expeditions that explore mountain regions.Expeditions planning geographical exploration, first ascents of, or major new routes on high or remote mountains are likely to qualify. Applications from expeditions proposing to visit little-explored or formerly inaccessible areas are particularly encouraged. Normally, the MEF will only support expeditions where the majority of members come from Great Britain or New Zealand.

Deadline:  30th September


31st January


Amount undisclosed


Shane Winser (RGS) gave a talk in October 2013 providing us with  an overview of RGS expedition grants available as well as some application top tips

Churchill Travelling Fellowships (British Citizens only) RGS-IBG Geographical Fieldwork Grants-page-001