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It's what you learn that counts!

The documentary covers many themes including:

  • Buddhist philosophy

  • Climate change

  • Natural Hazards

  • Sustainable development

  • The spiritual relationship between the Ladahki people and nature

  • Coping with, mitigating and adapting to climate change

  • Moral debate and reflections on filming natural hazards unfolding

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The Intrepid Explorers team invited school students to join King's College London staff, students, alumni and friends for a journey to the Himalayas for the evening.  


The documentary, 'Jungwa: The Broken Balance' was screened to provide an insight into the risks and challenges of living with environmental change and the resilience of the mountain communities in Ladakh.


This was then followed by a panel discussion chaired by Professor Nick Clifford, Head of the Department of Geography, King's College London.  The panel members were Sally Daultrey, Joel Gill,  Virginie Le Masson and Malgorzata Skowronska (expedition report here).



A french/ladahki coproduction : Lato Sensu productions & Himalayan Film Studio.


Ladakh, a small region in the north of India, has suffered many years of terrible natural disasters, possibly the consequences of climate change, and which regularly create many victims.


Faced with this repeated “anger of gods”, a Ladakhi writer-director, Stanzin Dorjai Gya, shares with us his concerns and the troubles of his people. We follow him during his daily life, his encounters with fellow Ladahkis and through impressive Buddhist ceremonies. By discovering their lives we get closer to these people looking to the future and towards hope.

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Download the Intrepid Explorers Ladakh

Case Study booklet

(includes a student worksheet)

This booklet was compiled by the Intrepid Explorers Seminar Conveners


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Blog post by Cambridge students about the event here