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Zewen Ji

Masters student, International Development Institute, King's College London.



Zewen Ji is a Beijinger who was born, raised and educated in Beijing. Until 2013. she had never lived anywhere else.  Then she joined us at King’s College London to start a Masters in International Development.   Zewen Ji  is crazy about photography and takes her camera with her everywhere she goes, capturing, as she describes, “every beautiful moment of campus life”.  She likes travelling and has travelled extensively across China, with the exception Tibet. Zewen Ji is also  a budding documentary producer who, having made her own  futuristic microfilm about the last year of her undergraduate degree, is now in the process of making a  documentary of her life in


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Talk summary:

Sitting down and listening to lectures, giving presentations in seminars, carrying out group work with your peers, hanging out and partying hard and drinking like a fish etc.  -  the Western university life. But what do your East Asisan counterparts experience? My talk will draw upon the two very different student lives I’ve experienced to provide an overview of how the university life experienced by students in Beijing differs from London in terms of living, eating, partying studying and travelling.  Join me as I unveil for you the mysterious “Eastern Chic” and its uniquely distinctive characteristics that set it apart from the “Western Cool”.  You will be impressed, amazed, surprised or perhaps even shocked by the lifestyle and personal development of your East Asian pals during their college life.

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