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It's the getting there that counts!

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Briony Turner

PhD Student, Intrepid Explorers Seminar Convener, Geography Department, King's College London.


Briony loves to travel and to hear about other people’s adventures - one of the reasons she helped to set up this seminar series.  In the past she's conducted research in Botswana and Tanzania and has worked in the built environment sector.  Her current research focuses on scaling up climate change adaptation of existing homes in England's social housing sector.  She's also an RGS Ambassador and a Trustee of the charity RESET which promotes ecological adaptation of the built environment.

Relevant resources:

Masters Thesis (downloads ZIP file of thesis in pdf format)

Video of talk

Research paper (unpublished)


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Feeling Good Foundation

Talk summary:

The Maasai are known as “Iltung’ ana loo ngishu”, people of cattle. Traditionally, they practice transhumance, maintaining semi-permanent homesteads close to annual supplies of water and grazing. However, the Maasai pastoralist system is breaking down, with permanently settled Maasai pastoralists no longer adhering to traditional resource management methods.   These changes are having a dramatic impact on local ecology within the Burko area of northern Tanzania. I went out there in the summer of 2005 to establish the drivers of land use change for a number of Maasai villages. This talk covers the experience behind the results; encounters of a mzungu during the fieldwork in Maasailand, Tanzania.  It includes recollections of discussions on aids, French kissing, female circumcision and the number of cows constituting my bride price, dubious drinks, as well as photos and videos depicting the insight I had to their lives and culture, including jumping with warriors and much much more.  

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