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It's what you learn that counts!

Jennifer Pate

Head of Communication & Logistics at Your Frontier Ltd &  Project & Events Officer at the UK Energy Research Centre, University of Oxford


Jen is a geographer and filmmaker dedicated to showcasing worldwide expeditions as well as social and environmental responsibility projects through her film company, Your Frontier. Her academic research at University College London ranged from exploring the experiences of environmental subjects in UNESCO Biosphere Reserves to the role of film as an emancipatory tool in climate change education. She has been involved in a wide range of international expeditions, is currently a Project & Events Officer at the Oxford University Centre for the Environment and is setting up an environmentally responsible recreation park in Canada, opening in May 2014.

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Talk summary:

In this talk Jen will discuss the changing definition of adventure she has found through her work and explorations – in both remote geographical locations and from her office ‘frontier’. She has been involved in all aspects of expeditions, from leader to support staff, participant to filmmaker. By looking at expeditions from these different roles, she will reflect on the adventure to be found in each. She will be sharing her experiences of several projects she has been involved in, from a Venezuelan mountaintop to the Zambian copperbelt, from the mighty Yangtze River to the logging cuts of British Columbia.

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