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Wim Nijssen

Adviser, author and life coach



Wim has over 20 years of international experience of working in government and non-governmental organisations. He’s an experienced adviser in both organisational change and processes and personal life coaching. You could call Wim an action researcher and an autodidact.  He takes the flow and pace of his own life and then mirrors the experience against psychological, spiritual and philosophical views. The people he works with in his profession as a coach and trainer serve as reference points in this search for understanding and excellence.    

Relevant resources:

Olduvai -Wim set this up with his partner in 2008  because they believe that finding and using your personal talents and qualities makes your life fulfilling


Talk summary:


Wim Nijssen walked from the Netherlands towards Santiago de Compostela. In this talk he will share tales from his book, “The endless journey”,  in which he combines and mixes his walking experience with the universal journey we all make through life itself. These stories, he believes, eventually lead to the search for our soul. In this talk, Wim will show you literally as well as figuratively, what it is to “be in motion”.  With a subtle sense of humour he will reveal to us the connection between the physical walking experience and philosophical spirituality. The talk title itself is  an evocation of Wim’s many beautiful experiences and the surprising end to his journey.

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