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Anselm Murphy

Professional mountaineer(!), Alumni, King's College London.


Since graduating from King's College London Anselm has become a professional mountaineer. His efforts have been focused on 8000m peaks and he has summited three - Everest, Cho Oyu and  the rarely climbed Kangchenjunga,

which previously had only had 14 British ascents.

Relevant resources:

A summary of what happened on the descent


Talk summary:

In 2011 I went on a 2 ½ month expedition to climb Kangchenjunga, which is located on the border of Nepal and India.  After climbing Everest a few years earlier I wanted to attempt a more challenging and less crowded 8000m peak.  While not well known, it is one of the harder 8000ers with a summit/fatality rate of 19%.  It provided a very different experience to Everest, as the Kangchenjunga area does not get many western visitors, and some years no one attempts to climb it.  After summiting my climbing partner and I were involved in helping an injured climber descend, who was ultimately rescued by a helicopter once we had got them low enough.  I’ll talk about the challenges of living at high altitude for such a long time, the other climbers on the mountain, the sherpas, and the problems we experienced on the descent.  I have photos and videos to illustrate the talk.

More about the speaker:

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