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Nishikant Gupta

PhD student, Department of Geography, King's College London.


Nishikant Gupta is a freshwater ecologist researching river ecosystem conservation in the Indian Himalayas. Nishikant's Bachelor’s and Master’s degree were in Zoology from University of Pune, India. He is an active member of the IUCN Freshwater Fish Specialist Group (South Asia) and an international collaborator of the Mahseer Trust (UK). Nishikant was selected as a “Leader of Tomorrow” at the 42nd and 43rd St. Gallen Symposium, Switzerland.  


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Talk summary:

My talk will be focused on my numerous fieldworks, which I have undertaken in the Indian Himalayan State of Uttarakhand. I sampled various rivers, which were encompassed within the boundaries of the Corbett Tiger Reserve and Rajaji National Park (an Elephant Reserve). Since most of my sampling sites were far away from where any vehicle could take me, both my field assistant and I often found ourselves on foot deep inside core areas of these parks. Having to watch over each other’s back while knee deep in water, (not that I didn’t trust the gunmen with the blanks), it was hugely thrilling to experience an extremely heightened sense of awareness towards any potential dangers lurking by. Being chased thrice by an Indian Elephant and having narrowly escaped being trampled upon, made me appreciate both the intellectual abilities of an Elephant and life in general. Discovering that we were being tracked by a Leopard; closely monitoring the alarm calls of the Spotted Deer; and stopping dead in our tracks on seeing a Tiger mark its territory just meters away, were just some of the events to start the day with. As the legendary Jim Corbett one said, “Tigers, except when wounded or when man-eaters, are on the whole very good-tempered”. It was an experience that will live with me forever.  

More about the speaker:

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