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It's the getting there that counts!

Joel Gill

PhD student, Department of Geography, King's College London.


Joel is one of our most frequent speakers, his talks so far have ranged from camping in the Atacama desert whilst mapping the geology to traversing East Africa inspecting wells and getting married (!) with a stopover in the Gansu province of China.  He’s currently researching a PhD entitled "Multi-Hazard Risk Assessments in Small Urban Areas" and is also the National Director of (and founded) the organisation Geology for Global Development (GfGD) which equips young geoscientists to contribute more effectively to international development.  

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Talk summary:

Walking along flowing, blocky, hot lava at the volcano Pacaya. Sleeping outdoors in the back of a pick-up truck as the volcano Fuego erupted throughout the night in the background. Climbing a dormant volcano at night to see the sun rise over the active and erupting Santiaguito. During January to March 2014, two months were spent travelling around the dynamic landscapes of Guatemala. In attempting to understand hazards interact in this country, I found myself learning Spanish in paradise while living with a Guatemalan family, travelling around the country with some inspiring individuals and drinking lots of very good coffee. The ‘land of eternal spring’ was a land of every emotion – with landscapes that evoked awe, vulnerability that resulted in tears and a vibrant culture that brought many smiles. In this talk I’ll share my photographs, stories and some fair-trade coffee waiting in my freezer for this event!

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