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It's what you learn that counts!

Lloyd Figgins

Head of Global Field Safety, Earthwatch Institute & Adventurer


Lloyd is an Expedition Risk Management Specialist, Adventurer and Speaker.  He has led expeditions all over the world and travelled to over 60 countries, often in remote and hostile environments.  He is qualified as a Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician and is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society


Talk summary:

In February 2012, Lloyd Figgins and his rowing partner became the first pair ever to row the Atlantic Ocean non-stop via the notorious Morocco to Caribbean route. During his 60 days at sea Lloyd had to overcome extreme adversity, including pirates, near collisions with ships, sharks and 50ft waves.


He also conducted scientific research into the marine species he encountered over his 3,200 mile journey. His data has since been distributed to marine organisations and mapped, providing a unique insight into the movement and behaviours of the species he encountered.


Talk review:

It was an absolute delight and privilege to have Lloyd join us at King’s College London as part of the Intrepid Explorers seminar series.  He recounted in a very charismatic and British manner, with the killer combination of humour wit and a touch of irony that only the very few pull off well, tales from his expedition rowing across the Atlantic Ocean non-stop via the notorious Morocco to Caribbean route.  We journeyed with him sharing moments of nail-biting adversity including pirates and the dangers of crossing the equivalent of the M4 of shipping channels, through to moments of jaw dropping wonder as he recounted the lengths he and his rowing partner went to prepare for the expedition and the photos and memories of spotting rare marine life.  There are many adventurers and explorers out there, but very few have the ability that Lloyd has to vividly bring to life the importance of carrying out a risk assessment and  field safety.  Fewer still  would even think to, let alone inspire others to, incorporate citizen science into their adventures. Without a shadow of a doubt, this talk was first class!

Briony Turner, Convener of the Intrepid Explorers Seminar Series, King’s College London



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