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It's the getting there that counts!

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Kate Baker

PhD student and Intrepid Explorer Seminar Convener, Department of Geography,  King's College London.


Kate is a woman of many intrepid talents -not only does she recruit interesting explorers to come and speak in this series, but she is herself an intrepid explorer as well as being one of the best tropical stream ecologists we know.  In addition to excelling academically she has had placements with a Russian environmental organisation in Lake Baikal, the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, is a trustee of Look East Wild Earth and a member of Youth Environment Europe

Relevant resources:

Research profile here

Kate took part in the International Consortium of Universities for the Study of Biodiversity and the Environment (iCUBE) expedition to Bukit Pagon, Brunei’s highest mountain at 1850m located in the southern part of the Temburong District

Talk summary:

Lake Baikal, situated in the heart of Siberia, is the deepest and most voluminous lake in world. This UNESCO heritage site is home to more than 70% endemic species and many indigenous tribes. In 2010 I received funding from European Voluntary Service (EVS) to volunteer for 6 months with a Russian NGO, Great Baikal Trail. This charity was originally set up to encourage eco-tourism by building a trail to circumvent the lake. It is now one of the most successful grassroots youth organizations in Siberia, conducting environmental education in schools, running an eco-youth club and raising environmental awareness of Lake Baikal. This talk will share experiences of Siberian daily life, volunteering in a Russian charity and tales of exploring Siberian villages.

More about the speaker:

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