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It's the getting there that counts!

Tom Weatherley

Weekend Explorer


Tom has had an interest in pretty much anything and everything foreign, but especially post-Soviet areas.  No one knows why.  He lived in Russia and survived losing his passport there.  Twice.  When outdoors he enjoys hiking, camping, photography and trying new things.

Relevant resources:

Journal article: Ecotourism in the Pamir Region: Problems and Perspectives (2002)


Kishti Centre: Healthprom centre visited during the trek

Talk summary:

3 weeks trekking in Tajikistan for a small group of friends and experienced amateur explorers was a crash course in planning, logistics, orientation and cultural communication. We’ll be sharing some of our best memories and anecdotes from our trip but hope to provide as much insight as we can into life in one of the world’s poorest but most welcoming of countries; the people, the landscape, its traditions, history and future prospects. We’ll also share what we learnt about travelling in a country that is only just opening up to the idea of itself being a tourist destination.  

More about the speaker:

Tom Weatherley tom-and-al--event-flier

Tom will be speaking with Alastair - click on his photo to see his profile!

Alastair Locke