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It's the getting there that counts!

Alexis Roxburgh

Masters Student, Department of Geography,  King's College London.


Alexis is in the second year of his Masters which he is completing part-time in between working for Save the Children and new dad-hood. Having travelled extensively, a highlight was a 250 kms walk across the Algerian Sahara to a 100,000 year old impact crater. He’s lived in London his whole life but gets out when he can, more often than not to the nearest hill in search of a free ride to cloud-base

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Talk summary:

Whilst Alexis can guarantee that an hour in his company will not benefit your geography research in any way whatsoever, he can promise to enthuse about his subject, show you a few great photos and tell you some tales from his 15 years of paragliding. Come and hear of his exploits flying with Himalayan Griffin Vultures, receiving letters from the police enquiring about his whereabouts and the odd offer of marriage

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