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It's what you learn that counts!

Louisa Richmond-Coggan

PhD Student, Department of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences, Nottingham Trent University


Louisa loves being out in the field and feels most at home in challenging and dynamic environments. Her passion for wildlife and conservation has taken her to diverse and wild places, which have brought her into contact with an array of wildlife. She has designed and implemented multiple human-carnivore conflict research projects utilising the latest technologies such as remote camera traps and GPS collars to tackle conservation issues head on.

Relevant resources:

Master's thesis: Assessing Wildlife Distribution and Population Trends in the Greater Mara Ecosystem, Kenya: the synergistic effects of

landscapes and threats

Talk summary:

Louisa’s ambition to become a conservation ecologist has taken her on journey with more pot holes than an African track and more twist and turns than a Nepalese mountain pass. Nevertheless the experience that she gained over the past twenty years have been worth every breakdown, puncture and animal encounter that left her covered in mud, sweat and with a racing heart.


Come and hear how you can go from a dorm room to the plains of the Masai Mara and beyond and what can happen when you push yourself and don’t take no for an answer.

More about the speaker:

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