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It's the getting there that counts!

Dr. Nadine Reis

Lecturer, Department of Geography, University of Bonn.


Nadine is a geographer and development sociologist with a research focus on water governance and state power. She has done research in Vietnam and Mexico, and is currently working on the ‘new land question’ in Mexico. She is particularly interested in investigating the daily – formal and informal - practices of bureaucrats that shape images of the state and the distribution of material resources in society.

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Talk summary:

In this talk Nadine will reflect on the life-changing experience of doing research on the Vietnamese one-party state as a female German PhD student. She will talk about the year she spent in the Mekong Delta and share what she learnt about culture, power, and democracy – and the questions that remained unanswered, driving her academic work since then.

More about the speaker:

PhD thesis


WISDOM - German-Vietnamese initiative Nadine worked with for her PhD


Civil society and political culture in Vietnam (paper)

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