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It's the getting there that counts!

Dr Mark Mulligan

Member of staff, Geography Department, King's College London.


Mark loves being out in the field, collecting research data but is also a whizz on the computer, particularly  when it comes to GIS and remote sensing,  His research has taken him to many far-flung places so he has lots of experience in planning expeditions as well as many tales we enjoy hearing about.  He has been Honorary Secretary of the RGS-IBG Expeditions and Fieldwork Committee and is a member of the RGS-IBG Mapping Unit.


Research profile here

Honorary secretary to the RGS-IBG Council with

responsibility for expeditions and fieldwork

Senior fellow of the UNEP World Conservation

Monitoring Centre.

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Event summary:


Everyone is welcome to attend this special session on funding and safeguarding fieldwork expeditions. Expedition experts Dr Mark Mulligan and Shane Winser from the Royal Geographical Society will give you an insight into grant opportunities, the bureaucratic procedures involved in them and risk assessment development for research trips.