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Solmaz Mohadjer

PhD student, Department of Geology and Geodynamics, University of Tübingen.


Solmaz’s research interests lie primarily in the understanding of mountain hazards, particularly earthquakes and rockfalls, and the quantification of hazards using a variety of different techniques including remote sensing, geographic information systems, and high precision LiDAR mapping of topography. She is also interested in bridging the communication gap that exists between the scientific community and the general public. She is the founder of Parsquake, an organisation delivering earthquake education in the Persian speaking world.

About the event:

Join us on Thursday 29th October for a special documentary viewing and discussion on earthquake education with Solmaz Mohadjer, seismic hazards researcher at the University of Tübingen (Germany) and founder of earthquake-education charity Parsquake.


Parsquake is an organisation working to develop, implement, improve and distribute earthquake education packages all around Central Asia, particularly Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Iran. Solmaz is visiting London to speak at Geology for Global Development's annual 'Fighting Global Poverty' conference, and has agreed to speak at the first Intrepid Explorers-Geology for Global Development joint event.


Following some brief introductory remarks, we will show a documentary made by Solmaz called 'Between Bulls and Mosquitoes - Earthquake Education in Tajikistan'. Solmaz will then share some reflections and answer your questions on topics such as working in Central Asia, seismic hazards, indigineous knowledge of natural hazards and communicating to build resilience. The discussion and Q&A will be chaired by Prof. Bruce Malamud.

More about the speaker:

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