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It's the getting there that counts!

Maaria Lohiya

3rd Year Geography BA student, Department of Geography, King's College London.


Whilst Maaria has not yet had much experience in expeditions and fieldwork, she loves exploring and is often fascinated by the little details behind the scene that often get overlooked or taken for granted.  Interested in both social and physical geography, specifically with Developmental geography and natural hazards, her curiosity is widespread. She is an active Geography Ambassador with the RGS – IBG and also tutors in Geography and English Language for A-Level students.

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Talk summary:

Whatever our expectations were when we got accepted into Universiti Brunei Darussalam's Global Discovery Summer Programme, we sure didn't expect to be invited in by strangers to attend their first child's baby shower, or to be eating sago worms and running away from monkeys on the university campus. But nonetheless, that is what we got and more. Rainforest walks, spider bites, cave explorations and all of our other daily adventures, most of the time ended with a sunset that more often than not ended up being absolutely spectacular and completely different from the last. So this talk is not only about those spectacular sunsets, but also about all the different adventures and curiosities’ that we experienced and discovered in between. Expect unfiltered sunset photos as well as pictures of monster ants and cockroach type creatures that live in dark caves that will both equally take your breath away…maybe just in slightly different ways.

More about the speaker:

Linkedin profile


Instagram feed - used as a travel blog during Maaria's time in Brunei

UBD Global Discovery Summer Programme


Seconds in Brunei - video made by the students participating in the programme


Speech given by Maaria at the programme closing ceremony (link downloads pdf)

Lohiya, M Osman, S

Maaria will be giving her talk with Soraya - click on the picture for her profile

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