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It's the getting there that counts!

Belinda Kirk

MD of Explorers Connect


Belinda has worked on numerous major international expeditions over the last 20years. The smallest expedition she's set up was a group of four to China's Desert of Death, and the largest was leading a team of over one hundred to the Amazon - patroned by HRH Duke of York. She has also sat on the Jungle Panel at RGS's Explore and is keen to promote young explorers. Belinda is the Founder of Explorers Connect www.explorersconnect.com and is always interested in generally assisting expeditions In TV and film she has worked on series such as Ray Mears Bushcraft, Bear Grylls Man Vs Wild, 'SAS Are You Tough Enough', Hunting Chris Ryan, Coast, Monsters We Met, 'Living With Gorillas'and Beyond Boundaries I & II.

Talk summary:

Having spent her career leading expeditions around the world, World Record holder, Belinda found her greatest challenge closer to home. This is the story of the first women to 'Row Around Britain' and other big adventures within the UK. Inspired by a journey around the coast of the UK by helicopter for BBC's Coast series, Belinda became the Skipper and Expedition Manager of The First Women to Row Around Britain. An epic 52 day row around Britain that has been described by Sir Richard Branson as “Quite the most remarkable achievement carried out by any women alive today. Absolutely magnificent both for mental and physical achievement bar none"

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