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It's the getting there that counts!

Phoebe Cornes

Undergraduate Student, Department of Geography, King's College London.


Phoebe is a fairly inexperienced traveller but relishes any opportunity to experience new places. After completing her A-levels she decided to take a ‘gap yah’ to go visit Australia. As an avid scuba diver this was the perfect location to explore both under and above ground sights. Phoebe also enjoys documenting her trips on her blog to share her experiences and photos.

Talk summary:

In February 2015 I travelled to Cairns where I began my trip down the East Coast of Australia. The talk will take you through my experiences as I stopped off at 13 different locations and visited wonders such as the Daintree rainforest, Fraser Island – the world’s largest sand island – as well as Australia’s largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne. It’ll take you through all the traditional Australian sights as well as a few not so well known, for example ‘Nimbin’, the town even more hippy than Byron Bay! I’ll share my scuba diving pics from the Great Barrier Reef and horror stories from living in hostels as well as the huge discovery that Fosters is not actually Australian.  I’ll take you right down to Melbourne where I finished my journey with an epic Great Ocean Road tour.

More about the speaker:

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