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It's the getting there that counts!

Giuli Cardoso

2nd Year BSc student and Intrepid Explorers seminar convener, Department of Geography, King's College London.


Giuli is currently studying for her BSc in Geography and wants to specialize in Marine Ecology and Conservation. She likes to travel with a purpose - be it volunteering, learning about the culture and the country or taking part in Youth Exchanges. She moved to London two years ago from Milan, Italy and, when not studying, she is busy scuba diving, taking pictures and organising seminars for Intrepid Explorers.

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Talk summary:

This summer I spent a month volunteering for Operation Wallacea, an organisation running a series of conservation research programmes in different locations around the world. And for me, the location was Madagascar, the crazy island off the Southeastern coast of Africa that is home to innumerable species found nowhere else on earth. In those four weeks, I made friends with Sifaka lemurs, played with boas and chameleons, swam with sea turtles and had overall one of the most incredible months of my life.

Operation Wallacea


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