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It's the getting there that counts!

Nicholas Burgess and Beniamino Still

3rd Undergraduate Students, Department of Geography, King's College London.


Nick (BSc) and Ben (BA) are both 3rd year Geography students at King’s, housemates and avid travellers (yes there are maps everywhere in the house!). As part of Nicks Independent Geographical Study, the boys were lucky enough to extensively travel through the magical country of Morocco, with field sites winding from the Atlantic coast, High Atlas and edge of the Sahara.

Talk summary:

Morocco is one of the most diverse nations in the world, a geological and cultural crossroad between Europe and Africa whose landscape has been shaped throughout millennia. A first taste of independent fieldwork for both Nick and Ben, the underpinning research question was: To what extent is amateur video footage of fluvial flooding conducive to the analysis of flood channel parameters? The Moroccan floods of 2014: A case for civil science. The month of November 2014 saw the nation ravaged by flash flooding resulting in the death of 45 people, destruction to infrastructure and devastation of livelihoods. The scale of the flooding spanned from the former Spanish colonial port of Sidi-Ifni in the south, to the now desolate village of Aglou and the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains at Afensou. From sweltering days in the field, a month of embracing Ramadan, 8 hours of camel riding to being held hostage in the desert, this talk will touch upon a truly memorable trip, how to undergo 3rd year research projects and funding opportunities.

More about the speaker:

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