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It's what you learn that counts!

Intrepid Explorers Logo Image Acknowledgements:  Photo of David Attenborough from Ben Osborne Nature Picture Library (via RSBP). All other photos from Wikipedia.

Intrepid Explorers was founded by three Ph.D. students from the King's College London Department of Geography: Faith Taylor, Briony Turner and Kate Baker.


It provides an opportunity for fieldwork based researchers to share their experiences, photos, videos, souvenirs and advice from their travels.

These seminars often offer invaluable advice on how to (or how not to) do fieldwork and/or explore the world.  Other times, it's just great fun to hear about what your fellow students or colleagues have been up to recently! The seminar presentations also offer useful supplementary material for Geography teachers - we've tried to include relevant resources and provide links to other materials to aid usage.

Intrepid Explorers is an educational activity co-founded by PhD students in King's College London in the Department of Geography.


It came about  because whilst there were many lively and interesting research seminars, often based on fieldwork in far flung and extraordinary places across the globe. rarely was there an opportunity to hear about the amazing, bizarre, dangerous, funny tales behind getting those results.


Intrepid Explorers is now expanding.  Click on the university logo to find out what's going on at a university near you.  Contact us if you'd liked to set Intrepid Explorers up in your university department.

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