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It's what you learn that counts!

Intrepid Explorers is an educational activity run by university students who believe that by sharing experiences and learning from field research, we can inspire current and future generations to support and advance science.  


Within the talks, students, staff and guests of participating university departments share their experiences, photos, videos, souvenirs and advice from their research adventures, expeditions and travels. These seminars often offer invaluable advice on how to (or how not to) do fieldwork and/or explore the world, including preparing, funding and surviving the expedition or trip!

Find out what we do in this video:

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Intrepid Explorers co-founder named ESRC Impact Champion of the year!

ESRC case study here, KCL News story here, Q&A here  

Top tips from researchers and staff that plan, lead and take part in fieldwork, many of whom work in the John B.Thornes Laboratory


Professor David Green and the Intrepid Explorers co-founders at the ESRC Celebrating Impact Prize 2016 Awards Ceremony.  

Image source: ESRC

Intrepid Explorers is expanding!!!

We've already had a launch event at the University of Oxford and are in discussions with a few other universities wishing to try it out.  If you're interested too, then email us at our HQ email address

Calling all past event attendees and speakers,

we need your help!

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Set up Intrepid Explorers at your university:

At Intrepid Explorers HQ we’ve produced a starter pack to help any university student or staff member set up an Intrepid Explorers event/platform.


  • Start up pack -4pages covering what it is, what’s in it for you, what’s in it for the university and links to materials to help you run it (tips for speakers, speaker form, chair briefing and branding material)

  •  Preparing the series -3 pages covering what to do to set up the series including draft text for a call for speakers and for formally inviting external speakers

Calling all fieldwork researchers, join our network!